Equal Opportunities and Inclusion policy

Nature of Learning Forest School is committed to equal opportunities for all and we wish to provide an environment in which people feel equally valued. We promote the individuality of all, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background.

We will adapt activities to ensure that everyone can participate, where necessary will seek expert advice to allow us to fully support children with additional needs of any nature.

Where possible, we will keep spare sets of waterproof clothing to ensure that bad weather is not a barrier to taking part. We take our duty of care when working with children extremely seriously. To ensure all individuals (children, workers, and volunteers) are safe and protected we undertake the following: -

  • Everyone involved in Forest School is briefed on health and safety, risk assessment of sites and activities.
  • Forest School leaders and volunteers should be aware of the relevant policies and ensure that they adhere to the guidance contained in them
  • Forest School Leaders have a DBS check. We also require any regular volunteer attending Forest School to have a DBS.