Nature of Learning Adult Training


What is Forest School?

Forest School is a unique philosophy and approach to outdoor play and learning. It involves using the environment and natural resources as a setting and stimulus for learning. Forest School practitioners use teaching and learning strategies that aim to promote confidence, independence, empathy, social skills, self-esteem and intrinsic motivation.


How Forest School is different

Unlike one-day events and many environmental and outdoor/ adventurous activities, Forest School works with children/ young people in the outdoors over an extended period of time and aims to promote their holistic development. Forest School is run by qualified Forest School Leaders, together with other staff who are well versed on the Forest School principles and ethos. At Forest School there is a higher than normal staffing ratio and learners are introduced to responsible risk taking and encouraged to participate in engaging, motivating and achievable activities. The learning during Forest School sessions is principally child-led and based on observations by the leader and other adults which lead to appropriate interventions in order to develop the learning within and between sessions. The Forest School approach focuses on the ‘process’ of learning rather than the ‘product’ and in this way all learners can achieve success; building confidence and self-esteem. The outdoor environment, particularly woodland, provides many opportunities for learners to explore their own preferred learning styles whilst building a long-term relationship with the natural world.