Teaching Methods

During the face-to-face training days a variety of teaching methods are used including:

• Presentation with follow up discussion for many of the theoretical aspects of the course,

• Instruction/ demonstration with opportunities to practice for many of the practical/ skills-based elements of the course.


During the initial 6 days and 3 practical skills days we provide all the necessary tools and safety equipment for use by the learners. We ensure that they are appropriate and in good working condition. Learners need to come with a pair of safety boots, outdoor clothing (including waterproofs) and a camera (optional but recommended). We provide a journal, a course file and reference material or sources for all the theoretical topics covered that participants can refer to for their learning and written assignments. We also provide a library for learners to access during the face-to-face sessions.

Assessments and Coursework Portfolio

The assessments which take place during the training:

• Tutor observations during face-to-face training days.

• Interim assignments (normally four written assignments completed between the initial training days and practical skills days)

• Practical Skills and Peer Assessment (during the practical skills days)

• Interim tasks (in preparation for running your introductory programme)

• Delivery Assessment (of your Forest School Leadership during your ‘Introduction to Forest School’ programme)

Learners have to complete a coursework portfolio containing evidence for the five units which includes a number of written assignments and a site and group-specific handbook of policies and procedures. Feedback from the interim assignments, personal tutorials during the practical skills assessment and a group tutorial at the end of the course assist learners with the writing of assignments. Further support is available via email.

First Aid

Before you can qualify as a Level 3 Forest School Leader you must also hold a relevant Outdoor/Forest School First Aid (OFA) Qualification. This is a 2-day course which equips you with skills and strategies to care for the infants, children and adults involved both in indoor and outdoor activities (a standard 1 day Paediatric First Aid or First Aid at Work certificate is not sufficient). If you do not have this qualification, there are a number of first aid providers that offer the course and a course that you can book onto in Ashdon (dates TBC). Typical costs are £150 per person.

Delivery Assessments

Participants on the course are assessed for their skills in leading Forest School sessions. This assessment takes place at your Forest School site. An additional charge of £75.00 plus 45p mile is levied for participants working outside a 50-mile radius of the training venue.