Forest School Leader Level 3 Training - Terms & Conditions


Booking and Cancellation

By booking on the training, students agree that:

  • They will have the correct entry requirements for the Level 3 training.
  • If they are accepted onto the course their place is only reserved once they have received confirmation from Charlotte’s Forest School that all the requested booking forms have been received and course fees have been paid.
  • Barring unexpected circumstances, they will attend all the course elements and fully complete the training according to the timetable. They agree to commit the time to completing the coursework elements of the training, in their own time if necessary.
  • They understand that if they do not complete the course they will not be entitled to reimbursement of any costs.
  • They undertake to ensure that the necessary insurance cover, DBS disclosure and arrangements for First Aid Certification are in place before running my Forest School Programme.
  • They know of no medical reasons why they should not participate in any of the activities listed below:
  • Use of tools, shelter building and team building activities
  • Woodland conservation tasks and green woodwork
  • Fire lighting and camp fire cooking
  • They confirm they shall provide their own safety boots for use during the training course.
  • They understand assessments outside of a 50-mile radius of the training venue will incur an additional charge of £75 plus £0.44 per mile.
  • They understand that the assessments take place during the dates given for the training course. If the student is unable to run their ‘Introduction to Forest School’ Programme to fit into this time schedule then a separate assessment will be required at a cost of £75 plus £0.44 per mile.
  • If a student needs to cancel their place, they must put this request in writing to Charlotte’s Forest School. On confirmation of the cancellation from Charlotte’s Forest School, the following cancellation fees are required:
  • Between 3 and 1 month prior to commencement of training – 50% of course fees
  • Less than 1 months’ month prior to commencement of training – 100% of course fees
  • Charlotte’s Forest School has the right to cancel the training course if insufficient numbers book on. Cancellation will be no later than four weeks prior to the start of the training. In this case the course fees can be refunded or put towards another course.
  • First Aid Training is not included in the Forest School training and will be charged for separately.


Level 3 Entry Criteria 

  1. Be aged 21 years or over by the time the course is complete;
  2. Be a qualified teacher, play-worker, youth-worker or support worker (to Level 3 equivalent) OR an appropriate Level 2 with at least 2 years experienceof working with your chosen client group in a leadership capacity;
  3. Hold a current DBS certificate;
  4. Have access to a group with whom you will run a 6-week Forest School Programme.


Level 3 Students are expected to complete the following in their own time (approx. 84 hours self-directed learning):

  • Develop experience in practical skills (tool-use, fire management, ropes and knot work);
  • Plan an ‘Introduction to Forest School Programme’ (minimum 6 weekly sessions) with chosen client group, including organising additional Forest School staff/volunteers;
  • Compile the appropriate health and safety documentation necessary for running a Forest School programme (FS Handbook with health and safety procedures and detailed risk assessments);
  • Deliver (in a leadership capacity) the Programme with a small group of children/young people in an outdoor setting;
  • Students are expected to do some of their own research and reading
  • Complete coursework (written evidence of learning) relating to this award. Coursework needs to be completed to the standard deemed appropriate for this level of training as decided by the tutor assessor and the Internal Quality Assessor.


Level 3 Assessments

There are two face to face assessments:

  1. a) Practical Skills assessment - takes place during the practical skills training element of the training. Students are assessed on their competence with knots and their safe use of tools and fire craft.
  2. b) Delivery Assessment - each student is assessed on their leadership of a Forest School Programme. This is a 2 hour assessment, carried out by a tutor/assessor from Charlotte’s Forest School, at one of the student’s sessions in their ‘Introduction to Forest School’ programme and takes place during the assessment dates as given for the training course. If the student is unable to run their ‘Introduction to Forest School’ Programme to fit into this time schedule then a separate assessment will be required at a cost of £75 plus £0.44 per mile.

The assessor has the right to suspend the assessment under the following conditions:

Suspending the assessment

  • In the event that the necessary paperwork cannot be provided at the time of the assessment then the assessment can be suspended.
  • If during the assessment there is evidence of unsafe practice (in the assessor’s opinion) then the assessment can be suspended immediately.
  • A re-assessment date will need to be arranged separately and this will involve an additional cost to the candidate.



If a student is unable to attend any one of the scheduled elements or parts of the training course, they will be expected to contact Charlotte immediately to discuss alternative arrangements. This can involve an additional charge being made to the student.


Coursework Support

Support and guidance is given by the tutor assessor during the training, as well as upon request. The support given to students is via telephone and email. The level of support and the length of time given to support a student will be within what the tutor assessor considers to be reasonable for the level of training undertaken by the student. Charlotte’s Forest School reserves the right to limit the amount of support in light of this.



If the tutor assessor has any concerns about the student’s coursework, safe practices, behaviour or commitment to the course during the training process; they may need to contact the head of the organisation who has paid the course fees to discuss the situation.  Where possible, the student will be made aware that this is taking place.


Marking of Coursework

Students are given hand-in dates for their coursework and students are expected to meet these deadlines. Students will need to contact Charlotte’s Forest School at the earliest opportunity to discuss an extension. Charlotte’s Forest School will only grant extensions in extenuating circumstances and this is at the discretion of Charlotte’s Forest School.


The coursework is marked by Charlotte’s Forest School Tutor Assessors. They will assess the suitability of the student’s evidence against each of the assessment criteria in line with the requirements from ITC First. Detailed written feedback is given to students on their overall standard of work. This feedback will also highlight if any further work is needed in order to bring the coursework up to the required standard at this level. Students are given three opportunities, given with clear deadlines, to submit any additional work to bring their coursework to the required standard and to fully answer all the questions set for the level of training undertaken by the student.


If a student has submitted incomplete or sub-standard coursework and does not provide any additions to Charlotte’s Forest School for marking by the deadlines given, Charlotte’s Forest School will keep the student’s portfolio for up to 1 year from the original hand-in date. They can request the return of their incomplete portfolio for a small charge. If the student does not make contact with Charlotte’s Forest School during this timeframe, Charlotte’s Forest School will securely dispose of the incomplete portfolio.


Only once the Charlotte’s Forest School Tutor Assessor has deemed the coursework to be 100% complete, ensuring it meets all of the assessment criteria at the required standard, will the coursework portfolio be submitted to the Natural Choice Group for internal verification. This is to moderate the coursework portfolios, ensuring the correct level has been attained. In the event that the internal quality assessor considers the portfolio to be below standard or showing insufficient evidence, he/she will request further work from the student via the Tutor Assessor. The student will then need to submit further work until the internal quality assessor is satisfied the coursework portfolio is complete. At this point a sample of coursework portfolios will be submitted to ITC First for external verification.  Once this process is complete, certificates will be applied for.


Completion and Certification

Students will only be put forward for certification when:

  • they have participated in all the taught elements of the training; and
  • they have completed a coursework portfolio for the level of training undertaken by the student to the required standard;

The final decision on submission of a candidate for qualification and certification rests with Charlotte’s Forest School (subject to the Appeals Procedure below).



Charlotte’s Forest School has Public Liability Insurance which covers students during the taught elements of the training course (Initial training days and Practical Skills Assessment days). Charlotte’s Forest School also has Professional Indemnity insurance and Woodland Insurance for any sites used during training.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have adequate and appropriate insurance cover to deliver their Forest School Programme. Insurance can be obtained through the FSA (Forest School Association).


Complaints and Appeals

If a student wishes to make a complaint about any element of the training or wishes to appeal an assessment judgement, they should refer to the relevant policies on the Charlotte’s Wood website (Complaints Policy and/or Appeals Policy and Procedure).

Internal Quality Assessor

Elly Dolan

Liminalis Ltd.

Suite 28, Normanby Gateway,

Lysaghts Way,

North Lincolnshire, DN15 9YG